screen goes blank during Vista start up on laptop


As I tried to turn on my laptop this morning I found a nice surprise. It tries to load Vista but then goes blank when it should be on the user login menu. I tried system restore which did nothing, using last know good settings didn't work either and the system recovery disk from this site did nothing as well. A couple of times the background of the user login screen was displayed and so was the cursor but there was no where to login or any other options and clicking did nothing. When I try to start in safe mode it freezes when loading drivers, always right after it says Loaded:windows/system/32/drivers/disk.sys. Attempting to do a Primary Hard Disk Self Test ends in failure after 20-40 seconds. I have no idea what the problem is, I just shut it down like usually last night. I have no installation disk or any other disk like that besides ones with the system recovery from this site.
Hi Calamity, welcome to NST.
When you say "the recovery disk from this site does nothing", do you mean it won't boot or that the "repair" doesn't help ?
If the former, try booting it on another PC to see if it's OK and if it still doesn't work, have another read of the "how to burn an ISO" link on the page where you downloaded it.
If the latter, boot the CD, enter the recovery console, and issue a chkdsk c: /f command to scan (and hopefully fix) your HDD, which sounds as if it has some problems in an area critical to the boot process.
It works on other PCs. The exact problem with the recovery disk is that it won't boot up so I can even gain access to the recovery console. I boot up from the disk and it loads the windows files, afterward it goes blank like it does when I try a normal start it up or try to use the repair computer option, so I can't even scan to begin with. The I gotten once or twice to the blue and green background for the login but no options to actually do anything, no login of any kind. Right now I tried booting it from the disk again and got to the background and a cursor but nothing else. I can move the cursor but do nothing else. So while it is not a blank screen, all I can do is move my cursor in circles which is mildly entertaining but sadly useless. I am going to leave it at that screen for now.
Check your BIOS to make sure that CD comes before HDD in your boot sequence.
Did you see a "press any key to boot from CD" when you booted with the CD in the tray ?
You might have an option mentioned on your BIOS splash screen (F12 perhaps) to choose the boot device as another option.