Screwed up Win7 x64 and XP Pro dual boot


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I had a working Win7 /XP install and installed a separate Sata controller to give me SATA2 support on the old box. I then copied the two primary partitions Win7 C: and XP Pro W: over to a spare sata hard drive connected to the new controller. I screwed something up as now I can not get the original hard drive to boot properly off the MB built in sata controller. Win7 boot up simply shows the splash screen of the Win7 balls. XP splash screen comes up shows an error saying autochk not found and then bsod. I am not home right now but wondering what information is needed? I can boot with an ultimate bootcd 4 windows and hopefully get a Disk Management screenshot. Win7 is first primary partition followed by XP Pro which is the 2nd primary. Rest of the partitions are logical partitions. I tried running the Repair System option from the Win7 boot cd which may have screen it up more. The spare hard drive has been removed for now.

Was using Hide N Seek and EasyBCD. Win7 is Active System Boot Primary.
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Got the system booting up with EasyBCD. HnS is not currently installed. There are some .HnS files on the hard drive. Should these be deleted before HnS is reinstalled?