Security Applications In Vista RC2


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It seems that manufacturers are getting `with it`as far as Vista is concerned. Having relied upon Avast Anti-Virus or Trend Micro`s PC-cillin for Vista, which I would eventually have to pay for, I thought why not give McAfee`s current home products, which I use in my XP Pro installations, a whirl?
I`m a moderator on their forums so it is a useful exercise.
I`m glad to say that their 2007 products Viruscan 11 and Firewall Plus 8 (under their Security Center 7 umbrella) work just fine.
Hitherto only their enterprise products such as Viruscan 8.5i beta worked.
Hope this helps someone. :sunglasses:
Avast has been the big one for me. Up till OneCare 1.5 Beta came out. I am now running that. Which is great cause i do like the OneCare product.
I don't know what's wrong with ESET.

They were always slow releasing new versions though they had the fastest and most frequent virus updates.
But this is getting ridiculous. Half of the geeks on the planet have probably abandoned NOD32 for another AV product that actually works on Vista...... I hope they pull their act together soon!