seem to keep rebooting (like a restart) at shutdown


Hi just got w7 and osx booting with the latest beta 2 verson. I have one issue and dont know if im doing anything stupid here when I shutdown on either systems it reboots back up again like a restart not shutdown. Any help you can give would be grate thanks
Sounds like a hardware problem to me. Did this happen when you didn't have a dual-boot going?
Hi No I checked w7 by it self and then osx. both worked well im using an intel atom 330 D945GCLF2D running off a single harddrive. Checked the wake up on lan and turned it off. It shuts down then goes into reboot mode the only way to turn off is to press the power button when its in the reboot phase
The fact that this happens from either system leads me to question the bios and/or motherboard. double check all power and acpi options in the BIOS (s1 vs s3 suspend, etc.) and see if you can come up with anything.
PS sorry I have 3 partitions 1st is a win 7 kind of installation, 2nd win7 3rd osx placed osx 2nd had to rebuild the win7 boot. dont know if I did anything wrong regards t