Serious Boot Catastrophe

Relevant hardware information:

i5-3570K HD7850
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 single boot
3 HDD 2 exHDD
Windows Installation disc burned to bootable flash drive
All secondary drives have been temporarily disconnected

So, last night I innocently restarted the computer normally - everything was working fine, to find myself staring at black screen with "OS not found".

Initially I could still get back to Windows by inserting the bootable Windows 7 flash drive and selecting UEFI: SANDISK from the F11 boot menu. Once.

I missed this opportunity to use EasyBCD to fix potential problem with boot sector.

Started Windows Recovery.
Auto System Recovery > "This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair." Mind you, this was created with the same disc I installed Windows with.

Recovery Console > Ran diskpart and verified that the 100MB partition was set to active then tried all the usual bootrec stuff, no go.

Basically over the course of 4 hours I tried increasingly complex solutions but they all returned error messages along the lines of "path not found", "could not write" or "requested device cannot be found", all the way up to Neosmart Nuclear Holocaust instructions. It is also worth noting that it appears my drive letters have gone all batshit insane and started playing musical chairs. Throughout the entire process, my Windows was at some point in time located on C, D, E, or G.

I am able to now at least see "Starting Windows" but it goes into an infinite loop. Am out of ideas.

Can anyone help me please? This is very urgent as I am using the computer for a big project that is due very soon. Thank you so much!

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If Windows tries to start but hangs, it's possible that your C disk has got accidentally renamed.
Try the Windows key and enter regedit and hopefully that will run and enable you to check whether this is your problem
How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows
Good day Terry. As stated, I am not able to successfully boot and therefore cannot reach the Windows desktop. Is there any other way to rename this drive? I can have the boot drive attached as slave to a laptop via SATA>USB and also EasyRE, GPart and Knoppix liveUSB at my disposal.


Knows where his towel is.
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XP is impossible, but since Vista the OS (though not getting to the desktop) gets just far enough to run commands, and should enable regedit to run.