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So i have gone and downlaoded and installed Server 2008. I think i have enabled the correct things to get Aero on.

Desktop Experience
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience

Is that correct? I am just downloading and installing the Video Drivers and Audio drivers now. I see that almost everything identifies this as Vista 32 Bit. Which is good. I will test out much of my software and see how it works. So far the performance is great. I just hope to get Aero....


Well i figured out how to get Aero working. For those who want to know. After you isntall those 2 services from the Server Managment setup. You have to enable Themes within the Services console. Since this is Server 2008 just go Start>Administrative Tools>Services.

Set Themes to Auto run and start the service. This will allow you to choose Aero. Then go about and make Server 2008 look like Vista. :grinning:

So now i am off to isntall all my software. So far everything is working great. Had to figure out how to enable my sound as well. Server 08 doesnt start sound either...


Well so far i have gotten all my software to work except 3 applications.

Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Mail

Since this is Server 2008 i am not that worried about a virus anytime soon. I might have to pick up a Server AV...any good suggestions?

The Messenger i got Pidgin installed and working that is no big deal. But i really would have liked Live Mail. It was my email client. Using Outlook 2007 now. But it was also my Newgroup application. Now i need to find something to go to those with.

Other than that. Great so far.
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Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Desktop can be installed by running the wl-installer program on a Vista machine, then copying the .msi file created in temporary folders to your 2k8 machine and running it there. Used that for Windows Live Writer and it worked great.

Anti-Virus... you'll have to use NOD32 2.x (not 3.0, but still maintained) or else shell out for a server version of any other AV. I don't see why you wouldn't be worried about viruses on Server 2008 (assuming you're using it as a desktop), because it's susceptible to all the Vista viruses out there as well.

I'd recommend using Thunderbird or Opera for reading NGs.
Sadly i dont have a Vista install that i can get that from. Ohh well. I might be able to do it since my XP install crashed....

I aint worred cause even when running Vista with a AV i haev not gotten 1 prompt about a virus threat. That was with Avast Free edition. I will install NOD32 just to have some protection.

I found that Windows Mail (The old OE) can do newsgroups. So i just got that setup.
If you have an XP install anywhere, you can do the same steps from there.
I personally think WM is a great NG client, it's very fast.,
That is what i am seeing. Since i have email covered, all except my @hotmail and @live emaill addresses...

I will stick with Outlook and Mail. IT seems to be working. The IM thing isnt that big a deal. I dont IM much. Not much time...:tongueout: