Server 2012?

I find it hard to get the straight facts on using BCD in Server 2012 when I start searching for info. Does easy EasyBCD support it? I tried to load the system's setting from 2.1.2 and it does not seem to find anything. I can dos box type the content - so it seems its there, but when exiting EasyBCD it warned me I might not be able to boot. Am I at risk now that I ran the software? I want to back up and know that a file is somewhere on a disk to restore from. I would like to purchase a copy for work, no dual booting, just want to feel secure. Just do not see much talk about Server 2012. Anyone have concise steps or a guide for my precious? Thanks for a great dual boot product fro Windows XP and Seven, now I need that same fuzzy feeling again. I am gonna try to download 2.2 if I can. Maybe I am a bit behind...


Cannot seem to download it. Maybe Java is missing? SAVE ribbon appears but does nothing..


Just in case I tried to export one of my recent vhdx to disk and got an 0x80070001 failure to copy during export. Has this additionally indicated the BCD boot has gotten hosed? Now Since I cannot download 2.2 I am moving to my laptop and USB while I am running...


Was afraid I stumped the band here. Installed 2.2 from a USB. Got a better picture of settings and even though it posts an error when I save off C disk to E it did write something to that disk. Gonna' gamble the repair worked next and reboot. No answers...All VHDX's are stopped so at least they are safely on a separate disk...


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Yes, they certainly should be supported.

I'm not clear on why you're copying VHD data - you should install 2012 straight to the VHD as the easiest option, then load that VHD into EasyBCD for dual-boot.