service pack did not install reverting


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I got my computer from my sister and she never updated her computer. I updated the computer and when it restarted it said service pack did not install reverting. It's been like that for over an hour. I turned off my computer and tried doing it in safe mode and the same screen came up. It's a windows vista. Do I wait? Thanks.
It could take awhile for the system to revert. Do you see any HDD activity or is it just a big nothing? How much data do you stand to lose if you simply restore the OS with a disk?
Vista SP1 was a bit problematic. It apparently froze at 99% complete with a dead mouse/keyboard and a blank monitor.
In reality, the HDD light activity showed it was still in progress.
Those who waited till there was no sign of activity (and then some for luck) before rebooting, got a successful outcome.
Those who gave up and hit reset when the keyboard froze ended up with a crippled PC.
If your problems were caused by Windows Update, your best course of action is to go straight to MS for support (follow the links for email support from WUD "Update History") They will give you free one-to-one support for any problems caused by WUD.