set Ubuntu/Vista choice timeout to 0; can't get back to Vista


I installed an Ubuntu partition and everything was going great with EasyBCD (great utility!) until I made Ubuntu the default.

I thought the timeout was 0 before I did that, but I might have set it from 1 to 0 at the same time.

So now I can get in to Ubuntu 8.04 just fine, but not Vista, even with [Tab], [F1], or [F2] -- it just waits 0; even if I have queued one of those keys in the keyboard buffer. Is the keyboard buffer being flushed?

I can mount my /windows Vista NTFS partition just fine in Ubuntu. Is there any way to change the timeout to 1? Or boot into Vista?
Hi jsalsman, welcome to NST.

Boot into the Vista DVD, enter the command line, and issue
bcdedit.exe /timeout 5

Then reboot.
but with no Vista DVD?

one problem, though - this solution would work for me (exact same problem) if I didn't have the useless 'recovery cds' that the HP laptops make for you (no command line interface).

Is there any way to edit the Vista boot commands from Linux? I mounted the NTFS partition and played around in c:/boot a little, but it's not so easy in Vista.