set up drives help

hi all not been active for a while but i need some help
i have had this setup working previously but i cant get it running again now.. (i had a quin boot system running but now i cant get more than 3 for some reason)

here are my drives and what i need..

i want to have an entry to each HD/os and i cant insert one to win8 install for some reason. its probably right in front of me and i cant see it .. also i want to install kubuntu on one of the partitions
i would like to use the windows8 boot screen. if not i will have to use the normal select with arrows black and white options screen i guess.
i have had previously working this sequence

1 win 7 ssd
2 win7 hdd
3 win8
4 win vista 64
5 win xp32
and all worked fine so i had basically a 5 boot system. but have not had ubuntu working woth it as my drive failed...

i would like to have all the above +

6 kubuntu

thx all

ps need to update my sig also soz...

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update well I solved the not being able to boot into win8 issue didn't have the drive boot sequence correct in bios now have the win 8 drive set as the main boot drive and placed the bcd files on that . (like I said its probable right in front of me and I couldn't see it) how do I get the pretty win8 boot screen to be the default plz ? thx c