Setting up dual boot with Vista and openSUSE


Hi Guys,

This is my first time at this so please help me out. I am looking to set up openSUSE to dual boot with my existing default Vista installation on my Sony Vaio FZ21M. I have been reading through few articles on the net about it and I am confident it can go smooth. I have however notice that I have a ESIA configuration can I keep this and still dual boot with openSUSE? I couldn't find any articles on the internet that mentions this.

Current partition config:

ESIA configuration (~10GB)
c: drive (~172GB - with my Vista instillation on which I am looking to split/partition it into 86GB for both vista and

Any advise on this would be much appreciated.
That partition was put there by Sony and probably contains recovery utilities and an image of the supplied system to enable "factory reset".
Just make sure that you do not let Linux take its default action and overwrite the MBR. During the installation setup there should be a "custom" or "advanced" option screen which will enable you to direct the install to put the Linux bootloader in the Linux boot sector, not in the MBR.
As long as you are successful in avoiding that pitfall, the dual boot should be fairly simple and the recovery/restore options unaffected.
I can't find the "custom" or "advance" during installation it seems as if it was to create three partitions for openSUS.I am worried it will install linux bootloader in MBR, do you have any screenshot/instruction to help me avoid this pitfall please?