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Hi. Please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere as I am unable to find any threads pertaining to this particular issue. Please also forgive the double-posting (two different threads) as the first post was in the support forum for EasyBCD (which is where iReboot's support link took me directly), but this forum seems to deal with everything else (including, presumably, iReboot).

So here goes; the situation is thus:

New laptop came with Vista (32bit). I set up XP as a second operating system in the usual way, then installed iReboot.

Now, the way iReboot used to work is exactly as I wished it to - select the operating system you want to boot to and each subsequent reboot using the Start button returns to the chosen OS until this is changed by iReboot.

I edited the options in ireboot.exe.config to reflect my requirements... and nothing changed. In fact, on the next reboot, the config file had disappeared from both installations (under XP's *and* Vista's partition). Recreating the file made no difference.

Attempting to hide the current OS doesn't work, and the default OS is unchanged regardless of the config flag.

Uninstalling and reinstalling has not cured the issue, and the symptoms are the same under either operating system - iReboot ignores the settings in the config file and the default OS remains unchanged.

What am I doing wrong?

I would be happiest if I could just get hold of an older version of the tool as I have no use for UAC anyway, and I liked the way it used to work. :frowning:
Hi White_Hawk, welcome to NST.

I'm fairly certain iReboot never worked that way.... From the start it was devised to only set the "default" OS for the very next boot operation.... then returns to the original.

You don't have to take my word for it: you can download all old versions from Download iReboot 1.1 - NeoSmart Technologies

However, I like the idea of adding an option to make the boot change permanent.... Definitely considering it for the next build/version.
It's been a long time since I was able to use iReboot, having gone the HnS route, but doesn't this suggest that you can set the config to always default to the currently running system CG, the way that I have grub set too, unless it's XP apparently.
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Hi Guru and Terry.

First of all, please forgive my manners, and thank you for the warm welcome.

Perhaps I'm going crazy - I was so sure that I had an old version of iReboot that did precisely that... but it's just as likely that I was dropped on the head a few too many times as a baby, too.

@ Guru: Such a function would be most welcome and useful as it would save having to catch the boot menu every time on a day when I'm using exclusively one operating system (different days, different jobs, different needs). You would have my gratitude (as well as my continuing recommendation to others when they ask me awkward questions about dual-booting). :wink:

@ Terry: I thought so too, but it doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, nothing I do changes anything about the tool's behaviour!

Ultimately, my wish would be for the excellent iReboot to behave thus:
Offer only the alternate OS as an option (hide current).
Allow persistent switch to alternate OS (changes default).
Continue to be excellent! :wink:

Should I post this feature request under the appropriate forum?

Kind regards. :smile: