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I'm trying to set up a dual boot on two physical HDs (Vista already exists on c), but when I'm trying to install XP on d, no HDs are found. I followed the instructions I found in another thread, and pressed F6, but I was asked to insert a disk in disk drive A (I don't understand what disk it means). I'm totally confused. Is there any easy way to set up a dual boot, or the best thing for me to do is get rid of Vista and re-install XP? Anybody can help?
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Well there are a couple things you can try. First go into your BIOS and check your SATA drive settings. Are they setup for ATA recognition? Or is it set to AIDE (I think that is the other setting)? If it is set to ATA recognition then you have to download CPUz. From there you have to go to the mother board manufaturer's website and download the SATA drivers. From there is you have a floppy you can put those drivers on there and XP will be able to install.

If not you will need to download nlite. You can then use nlite and you XP CD to create a XP CD that has your SATA Drivers already icorporated and with that you should be able to install XP.


I gave full instructions in this thread:

Windows XP Installation Cannot See SATA Drives - The NeoSmart Forums

That should have more info on how to accomplish this.
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