Seven swapping to HDD...when non-ntfs partitions present


yeah, I go this issue as soon as some partitions on my single hard disk on a laptop are not NTFS. In the present case they're EXT4 formatted for Mandriva, all of them on an extended partition. I don't think the dual-booting is the issue but just the fact that Windows is may be trying to control those partitions that it can't read, just guessing...Windows loads normally, but then login in takes forever and strong swapping occurs off and on during the session. As soon as I remove Linux, ie, delete the EXT4 partitions, even without reformating to NTFS, Seven behaves normally again.
Been waiting a few days now: I don't think I'll reinstall Linux without knowing exactly where the issue comes from and how to solve it. May be putting /root on a primary partition instead of a logical would help, not way may be on a separate hard disk, and in my case that would have to be an external solution (yeah...SATA via eSATA on the laptop...may be too slow).
Any idea or comment appreciated :wink:
Do you get the same issue if you format in EXT3?

I didn't try recently with EXT3...but as far as I remember, I always had more swapping in Windows when Linux was installed, so with EXT3 as well, but that was in dual-boot with XP, and it wasn't that bad. I don't think the formatting type matter but just that Seven can't deal with unknown partitions somehow...could be a bug in the RC (7100) I'm using. Might post about this on Technet as well to see what they say...yeah I didn't mention it but Linux at the contrary runs quite well, booting's fine and no swapping but that's normal in Linux.
Might be a 7100 bug. I haven't seen it mentioned on various 7 Forums. Any info about it on Linux Forums?
not so far. I posted a thread on Mandriva forum, got some comments but no one knows what that's a Windows issue anyway.

Oh something interesting btw, if you install Linux at the beginning of an extended partition, let's say for any reason later you want to get rid of it, Seven is unable to recreate a logical drive at the same place. But it can if Linux was installed in the middle of the extended partiton, between two logical drives.
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My W7 shares a HDD with Ubuntu 9.04 (Ext3) with no problems.
I had horrible problems with 7100, but not the kind you mention.
7000 was great.
7600 is good too. See if any trial copies are still available
Windows quickly skims over disks on boot and tries to fix any problems it can find, but if the filesystem is RAW (which it would be from Windows though its Ext4 and recognized by Linux), AutoChk should skip them. If boot up is taking awhile what you can do is enable OS boot information. When you reboot the computer, it'll tell you exactly what its doing as far as what drivers are being loaded, what autochk is doing, etc.

To enable boot info using EasyBCD:

Advanced Options -> Select OS -> Run in SOS Mode -> Apply Settings
@ Terry: thanks, I might give 7 enterprise a shot. Yeah, the download (90 days trial) is still available until March 31 next year.

@ kairozamorro: I just booted in log mode and it seems many drivers are not loading. But I haven't got a clue what they are for drivers, gotta take a look at the files. Also I noticed yesterday some events marked as critical in Windows diagnosis automatic logs. There are two coming back regularly (events 100 and 200), both concerning critical boot times, and that's without dual-booting with anything at the moment.
So, anyway, it sort of doesn't make sense anymore to troubleshoot this RC now and as said I might give enterprise a try before the final of Seven is out.

Thanks for your comments guys.


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