Several Issues


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Hi everyone,
I'm very new to this so I may go on a bit!
Two days ago my HP Compaq laptop download Microsoft updates as usual but after the download/configuration bit it would not re-boot.
I tried using the built-in HP recovery partition but it didn't do anything EXCEPT give me a black screen with the warning BOOTMGR missing.
So on my other machine I did a search and found your wonderful site.
I downloaded the Vista torrent as instructed and also Imgburn.
I burned the files to a cd and ran the disc using a usb powered cd reader/writer.
I can't use my HP dvd reader/writer at present as it died three weeks ago - still waiting for a new drive from HP.
The disc opened o.k. and some files were downloaded BUT the message at the end was BOOTMGR is missing.
Also there was no operating system showing in the 'repair system' part of the process and I was invited to download drivers instead.This completely threw me!
Now, did I burn the torrent files successfully?
On the recovery cd when opened in my other pc there are two folders and a file.
Folder 1 says 'boot' and contains bootfix etc and is 3.27 MB.
Folder 2 is 'sources' and contains boot wim, and is 116MB
The file is called bootmgr and is only 324 KB
Can you sort me out please?