Should I try to Fix Windows 7 BootLoader Issue?


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I have read and searched several threads, found nothing that is the same or similar so I guess I will ask. I am running Windows 7 64 Ult with all updates. I run Norton Business Suite, and MalwareBytes Professional. I am running dual drives in RAID 0 on this rig.

Here is my oddity, my system boots and runs fine, but when I use MSCONFIG then select Boot, I show NO Boot items. Clicking the Advanced Options Tab does Nothing. No items in the Boot Tab are functional except Cancel.

I thought it may be a protection issue with Norton so I disabled, rebooted into Safe mode, and still the same results.

When I run EasyBCD, it says "The boot configuration data store could not be opened......" If I view settings, it says there are a total of 0 entries listed in Bootloader. I am curious as to whether I should just leave this system alone since it is still apparently fully functional, or if i should try to fix it and risk screwing something up. And to that end, what are my risks?

I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this.


Sorry, found an answer almost immeidately after posting. Could not find a way to delete thread, but my 100MB partition was not being assigend a drive letter. Problem solved.