should I use easybcd again


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I discovered that the reason that I could not find xp pro was because it was only half installed !!!!
Before I found that out I reinstalled the linux system ( this was post vista as well , but before xp pro )
NOW should I use bcd on the last installed o/s ie xp pro ? ( if the answer is yes should I uninstall bcd from the vista o/s first ?

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ps when I tried to assign the drive for the linux the drive it is on is not on the list ( that's with bcd on vista .)


pss: i mistakenly put b&n onto xp .. it says DONT uninstall it .. what happens if u do ?
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For any Linux distro you have to select the Neogrub tab to make that is installed first when adding a distro to an exiting Vista installation. For XP Pro seeing an incomplete installation and needing a full reinstall you would use the add/remove entries option following the initial repair of the Vista mbr by booting with the Vista disk for the automatic startup repair tool there.

Once Vista is booting normally you would use the EasyBCD tool for creating the new entry for XP as well as making sure the boot files are on the root of the Vista primary or where the Vista boot loader is located in order to see XP added in correctly. The only thing most likely needed prior to using the EasyBCD tool again would be manually deletion of the menu.lst file since a brand new one will need to be created.

With a multiple boot with XP and Vista added into the equation the presently beta tool Hide'n'Seek would provide for the Vista restore points that would otherwise be lost when seeing XP running where Vista is installed. That will automatically include the EasyBCD tool there. You can review the sticky on that at

Currently I have ubuntu added to a working VIsta/XP dual boot but used a live cd to see ubuntu installed. The best results are when using a full distro there. Simply adding XP to Vista later generally goes far easier.