silent installs and/or switches


first off i love your products, especially the tooltip fixer. major annoyance thats been around far too long :wink:

I'm curious if you could add a silent install option and/or switches for your products. you have quite a few nice programs/utilities that i'm sure alot of people would love to add to their unattended o/s installs.

keep up the good work!
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Hi Grief, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

This is the first time this question has been raised - though I can definitely see its importance, especially for pre-packaged environments and the sort.

There is indeed a silent install switch already there, in our newest setup files.

Switches (case-sensitive!)
/S		Silent install/uninstall
/D=dir		Installation Directory
/NCRC		Do not verify setup files

Hope this helps.

The only products this applies to at the moment are EasyBCD and ToolTipFixer. We may (or may not) repackage other, older products like TweakUI x64 and CHMOD-Win to take advantage of the new (really tiny, fast, and powerful) setup system we're using now.
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i remember reading it somewhere (can't find it atm) that the reason why this program uses so much memory is because its done in .net?

the reason why i asked is because some folks recently asked me how this program works (when comparing to other "tool tip fix" programs that you have to click each time it bugs on ya) and i didn't know.

not asking for any "secrets" :wink: but just curious what all the program does to explain to them if ya could.
You probably read at that at the Neowin Forums - there's a 3-page discussion on ToolTipFixer there. I don't think TTF uses that much memory - on my machine right now it is using 2.6MB. When you have 1GB+, that's nothing :smile:

Here're the details on how the problem itself exists:

Computer Guru @ Neowin said:
The technical explanation is that in the Win32 API, tooltips are coded to have HWND_TOPMOST as their z-index - meaning that they are on top of everything.

However, due to a series (many) (obvious) bugs and miscodings in the Windows Shell, when you perform certain actions with dialogs and Windows that are supposed to appear above current windows (like the context menu when you right click the start menu items) end up coming even above the HWND_TOPMOST entries as well - that's not supposed to happen.

Then it seems (from here on in, i'm only guessing based on what i can see) that the parent window/dialog (in this case, the start menu, then the taskbar) inherits the window status when the child is closed, and keeps it.

Think of it like Dominoes. The first window is made topmost - no problem. as it closes, it's parent takes that z-index. then its parent, and the next, and the next - until you end up with something in the same x-y plane as a HWND_TOPMOST item, and it ends up with a lower z-index; therefore obscuring that item from view.

Basically, it is something that could be avoided by properly handing off z-indexes and keeping these always under HWND_TOPMOST items.

The program itself sits in the background and everytime a ToolTip is corrupted it resets it to the correct status. It runs as a service for minimal impact on performance (Start | Run | Services.msc | NST ToolTip Fixer) and for persistence across user-sessions.

Hope that helps.
yup, thats where i read it at lol :smile:

thats exactly what i was looking for, thank you. i too agree that 2.6mb is a easy tradeoff with today's machines, and the fact that it runs as a service saves me the annoyance of having to click a shortcut tooltip fixer when it does happen.

thanks again for a speedy reply :grinning:
We're making a run-each-time version too of the same source, just because some people don't like the fact that it's a service. No skin off my back, and if it means more users, I'm all for it :smile:
Hello, can I add another request to this and ask for the full list of commandline switches for the actual program (ToolTipFixer.exe)?

ToolTipFixer -f
I would like the install and uninstall commandlines please
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Hiya Ricktendo64, welcome to NST.

I don't understand your request. ToolTipFixer.exe doesn't have any commandline switches.

Do you mean that you're looking for some way of invoking TTF without installing the service? Or what exactly?
I was just wondering how it the installer installed/registered the executable I want to manually be able to install/uninstall tooltipfixer without the installer, before I used this:
InstallUtil.exe ToolTipFixer.exe
I was just wondering if you added the ablility or a commandline to ToolTipFixer.exe to self install