simple problems, setting dualboot from xp to 7


So Ive finally been working my system to setup dual boot.
I have 2 HDDs, 1 with windows 7 fully installed, and i just installed win xp on the other.
so im now on my secondary HDD (win7) and ive downloaded and installed easybcd. after opening the software it prompts me to search for the bcd file.

So i go to D:\windows\boot\dvd\pcat\bcd - as thats where im pretty sure its located. unless it would be a different bcd file.

the app opens, i add win xp as a new entry, and then go to "bootloader setup" and press "install windows 7 bootloader to the mbr".
I hit "write mbr" and it says "mbr written successfully.
however now anytime i try to close the app i get an error that says:
unable to obtain exclusive access to D:\windows\boot\dvd\pcat\bcd.

i cant find a fix for this, please please help me :S


So I just tried to repair my startup using my windows 7 disc, and it after attempting to repair, i get an error that there is a missing bootloader.

i installed everything the way i was supposed to, and now im going to have to reinstall windows 7 AGAIN. this is the 2rd time, but people keep telling me how easy it is to use easybcd. I dont have any hardware issues, im seriously on the verge of collapse here. if anyone has ANY help to offer, i would forever be in debt.
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Did you allocate partitions yourself, or have you allowed W7 to play "hide the boot files" ? (Is there a 100Mb unlettered "System Reserved" partition ?)
EasyBCD looks in the "active" partition on the 1st HDD in the BIOS boot sequence for \boot\BCD. If it's not there, it will ask you for the location.
It should be in the root of the W7 partition if you set it up yourself, or in the "Sys Res" partition if you let W7 loose. Whichever one should be "active", and I assume 1st in the BIOS if you can boot into W7.
Post a screenshot of your disk management if you're confused about where things are. (instructions in the sticky)