Site Moved to New Server


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The site has been moved to a new server. The most important parts of the site (downloads, blog, and forums) have been re-configured and should be, for the most part, working.

Hopefully this means (way) faster loading times and less problems. Should you run into anything, please post it here.

Known issues:
* Attachments don't load
* Wiki is down
* Gallery is down
Wiki is back up, as is the internal bug tracker.

Will try to do the gallery and attachments ASAP but gtg for now.


Attachments should be working now, too. Would appreciate if someone would verify that.
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Everything should be back up and running now. Sorry for all the problems over the past week, this was totally out of hand...
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Thanks Guru. It is much appreciated that you took the time to switch servers and get everything working properly again. :grinning: