Slave Drive Ntldr Problem In Vista`


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Hi all,
I love this site but cannot find a solution to my (fairly simple) problem, and would appreciate any suggestions.
I have a new Vista 32 base unit into which I want to put my old slave drive which ran on XP SP2, on which are my personal files.
After working for a couple of days perfectly having just plugged it in, now I get the NTLDR message which cannot be resolved by the Vista disc boot, and it only boots again when the slave drive is removed
I can access the slave drive in my old XP unit fine without any errors.

My question is- can I run EasyBCD to boot my slave drive in Vista while it is being run on XP?

Slave drive is IDE 320GB

New base unit: Q6600, 4GB, Ge8800GT, 250GB SATA running solely on Vista 32.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
You can not resolve XP boot issues with a vista DVD. You need the XP CD for that. :wink:

But read thru our documentation provided here:

Troubleshooting Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

That will help you solve the most common problem you will come across when adding XP to a Vista system.

I do not understand your question. Run EasyBCD to boot your slave drive in Vista while running XP?

It doesnt matter if it is the slave drive in Vista. It is the 2nd drive. That is all that matter. Yes you can use EasyBCD to boot XP. I gave the instructions above.