Sleepless night


I've been working on this overnight, Toshiba Satellite, Vista. New hard drive install. Getting Boot Mgr is missing. CD is first choice in BIOS. A time or two got the files to copy from Toshiba recovery disk only to get error 0224, can not copy files and shut down.
ANyone have any clue what I'm missing. The shotgun is out and the hammer is back, I'll give it one more pot of coffee!
You've added a new HDD to an existing (working) PC and now it won't boot ?
Or you're replacing an old/defective/slow/small HDD with a new/big/fast one and trying to restore the recovery discs to it ?
Yes, installing a new hard drive (or trying to) from a failed hard drive, I have restore disk from Toshiba. Repeatly get boot mgr missing, but will boot from vista restore disk, on occasion then get the error 0224, can't copy files. Snce first post I loaded linux, that loaded just fine, proves out the hardware is good.
I Bing'd around andfound a few hits similar, for which the only suggestion was that the recovery CD is u/s.
If you have a Vista DVD you can borrow, you could Install Vista (using your PC serial, not the one on the DVD), then pick up the drivers and tools from the Toshiba website.
Unfortunately I could not search Toshiba support directly, because they require registration of the device serial number and a logon, so you're on your own there.