Slipstreamed Vista SP1


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Have any of you successfully made a slipstreamed version of Vista SP1?
I just discovered THIS site.
Hitherto I had thought that it was well-nigh impossible to make a slipstreamed copy of Vista with SP1 - at least according to the Microsoft newsgroups I've read, but this seems to have been successful.
One question though, should I have waited for the multi-language version of SP1 instead of using the 5-language version? (I used Microsoft's standalone). Is it likely that there will be another version of SP1 available for download?
I guess that I can always do it all over again.
If any of you attempt it and you have any M/B temperature warning system (such as MBM) it will sound off during the slipstreaming if your threshold is set to 70°C. That's assuming that your fans are as feeble as mine....LOL
You will also need to disable any resident anti-virus application.

Warning - the process takes around 2 hours from beginning to end in Vista, it could possibly be faster in XP.
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I grabbed the slipstreamed SP1 media from Connect; and I believe it's also available on MSDN and MSDNAA.
It is up for grab on the net as well. It is on Connect, MSDN, and TechNET. I know that it has also hit other sources as well. So yes this is a option to get Vista SP1 there are other ways as well. This one is not 100% guaranteed like the one from Microsoft is though. :wink:
I created mine from my full retail DVD and MSFT's SP1 standalone, so it should be valid. I just checked it at reboot and it is a bootable DVD.
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