SM bus controller missing

hiya, my hp desktop totally went wrong doing updates after i had to restore it from recovery discs, since then no attempts 2 recover worked. a family friend used a re-installation disc for a laptop which seemed ok then i upgraded to vista home prem all was fine except for the message SM bus controller missing, it wanted a vista disc (that i didnt get with the pc) any ideas? i tried using a downloaded vista recovery disc from this site hoping that would help but just ended up with the error code 0x80070002 after putting in my pc's product key!:angry: im at a loss! pls help xx
Hi Sue, welcome to NST
Our recovery disks contain no installation files. They cannot be used for installing Vista/W7 in whole or in part.
They are merely provided to repair the boot process for users who have recovery media included on their HDD but are unable to access it.
How did you upgrade to Vista HP ?
Didn't you have a Vista DVD for that ?
got the upgrade disc for hp yes, it was after installing that that i got the message come up about the sm bus controller missing, other than that it seemed to be running ok. i assume the bus controller is important tho?

p.s thanx 4 replying
I imagine using a custom OEM disk from your friend's laptop is the cause.
It will have had only the specific hardware drivers for that PC, not yours.
If you've got a Vista upgrade DVD, why don't you do a clean full install with it instead of an upgrade.
It should find the proper drivers.
Alternatively try finding the driver from the website of your Motherboard manufacturer.
I take it you have tried to update the driver, and that Vista is unhelpfully telling you "the correct driver for your device is already installed" when the yellow exclamation mark clearly indicates that it's not ?
If so, don't tick the "automatic" box, but try "I'll find the drivers myself", and then search the list of devices and try to see if you can spot the appropriate make and model for your mobo.