Small boot issue in tri-boot setup


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I installed Windows 7RC1 in the partition formerly occupied by 7 Beta. When I went to remove the 'Older version of Windows' entry, somehow I deleted the 7 entry as well. I tried to repair but 7 now boots with the Vista GUI.

All three partitions (XP, Vista, 7) work fine but it's annoying to watch 7 load as if it were Vista. Enclosed are some screenshots that may help.

These were taken while in Vista, were Vista is C:, XP is D:, and 7 E:

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Hello scott, long time no see here apparently, welcome back,

There are some issues EasyBCD is having to overcome at the moment with the W7 beta out. If W7 still boots just fine (short of the Vista animation) than there isnt a whole lot you can do. To try to fix things though I notice you got 1.7.2 there. You should be using the latest beta build of EasyBCD, which can be obtained here. Once installed try re-adding W7's entry.
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I'm afraid that won't help.
I edited a working W7 BCD just to change the name of the W7 entry with "change settings" (in Easy 2.0), and even that was enough to replace the W7 animation with the Vista green bar.
It's a mystery which CG is trying to solve through his MS contacts, but is not fully understood at present.
I'm afraid you'll have to grin and bear it for the moment, or avert your eyes for a few seconds.
According to the published MS information the animation is part of the Windows bootloader, but since nobody touched Windows\System32\Winload.exe on either W7 or Vista, it's hard to see how that can be so.
I've established by trial that it's not part of bootmgr either (I put the W7 version on Vista temporarily to see), so it's hard to see what's happening.
CG is working on it, but I don't suppose it's his highest priority task, being purely cosmetic.
Hello Justin and Terry,

Much obliged. I will update my version immediately and be patient for any new insight. That or just reinstall the RC as it's only 2 days old :wink:

I imagine you'll be inundated after tomorrow but hopefully not. Warm regards to CG, you all do such a fantastic job in helping your community :smile:

Thank you Guru

I appreciate your assistance. I just want to know based on the pic provided, is it really a bug in EasyBCD or is there an obvious error in my Bootloader/MBR?
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Its a bug in EasyBCD. .net which is used to develop can be a pain in @*!#@ sometimes and do something totatlly different from say something it would do on Vista versus W7 (or for the apps I developed XP it seems to be..) Like stated above hes working it out with MS.