small problem with bcd


hey guys!

today I got a new 720GB HD from western digital (sata) and plugged it into the pc
I already had a 120GB HD (seagate IDE) and a 320GB (sata WD)
I had a former VISTA Ulti/XP Prof dual boot system
both were on the 320GB Drive
yesterday I decided to erase XP because vista works like a charme so I partitioned the XP partition and the 120GB drive
I didn't know that the vista bootloader was on the xp part so i had several boot problems :frowning:
I've tried all the guides posted here put they didn't work for me
I decided to install another vista and I could boot my original vista
now I want to erase the 'recovery vista' but the problem is that the loader is on the recovery partition
how do I solve the problem?
yes I've read it and it doesn't seem to work for me
I am in my recovery vista now, based on drive C:
the bootmanager is on the empty drive D: and my original vista is on drive E:
I want the bootmanager to be on E: (though it is corrupted)
how do I manage that?
Disconnect the disks other than the one you want the Vista bootloader to be on. Boot from the Vista DVD. Select "repair my computer" / "repair startup" (you might need to do this more several times) until Vista boots by itself without needing the DVD.
Reconnect your other disks, change your BIOS to make sure the newly repaired Vista system is top of the boot list HDDs and do what you want with the other disks.