Snow Leopard and Windows 7 dual boot loader


I recently installed snow leopard on a second HDD in my laptop for a dual boot. Everything works great, ive got nvidia drivers and everything is up to date. Now Im trying to get a boot loader. I have Easy BCD installed in windows and I added an entry in the boot.mbr for a mac OS X. When I reboot and try to boot it, the apple symbol appears and continually loads. How can I get this to work?
Ive booted into windows and for some reason windows doesnt find the HDD that snow leopard is installed on. The drive is supposed to be D: but I cant change it in easy bcd since windows cant find it. How can I manually for the drive to D: instead of C:?
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Try to get ride of

the reason im trying to install a boot loader is to get ride of the bios. I just need to know how to edit the boot config file to change the entry from C: to D:. Im using an asus g72 GTX.