So close to a working Vista Linux dual boot. Help needed.


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I have Vista installed on the first HDD(SATA) and have installed Mepis Linux on the second HDD(IDE) with grub installed to the Linux system partition, not the MBR.

After trying to add the entry to the Vista bootloader for Mepis it didn't work. I later found out that I have to use the 2.0 beta to get it to work so I deleted the entry, uninstalled the 1.7 version, and installed the 2.0 beta (newest build). I then added the linux entry again.

When I tried to boot into Linux this time I got a black screen with the word Grub but it did not load into the OS.

Also after hard restarting the computer I got some CMOS error which prompted me to restore everything in it to their defaults.

Now my question is, what can I do to get grub to boot into my linux install without blowing up my computer?
Do the same thing again, except this time try adding a Mepis entry with the "GRUB is not installed" checkbox in the checked state with EasyBCD 2.0 beta.