So, What's All This Kerfuffle Aabout Linux??


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So all you Linux buffs out there. I know absolutely nothing about it except that many people are having multi-boot problems with it.
I do know that it comes in all kinds of "flavours" from simple to complicated.

Do I dare even think about trying it out?
Well, Linux is a GREAT OS with 3 drawbacks:
1) No Outlook
2) No Games
3) No .NET

If you can get around those 3, you'll love it.
Computer Guru said:
Well, Linux is a GREAT OS with 3 drawbacks:
1) No Outlook
2) No Games
3) No .NET

If you can get around those 3, you'll love it.

1) There must be alternative for Outlook.
2) There ARE games for linux, however, not like on windows, but if you really want games for windows, use some windows emulators, it works!: , ...and many more...
3) Well, I don't know what to say about .NET, if you are not a coder, you'll survive without it :smile:

The best thing about linux world is freedom of choice, for example if you have an old computer, you can find distro for max use of that hardware, or if you have a monster of a pc, you can find a distro to use all the power you have... like the guy that "is making a monster of a pc" like Mr. Peter here, Windows was not able to read all 4.0GBs of RAM, maybe with Linux you'll have more luck and use that power to it's limits! :evil:
Not as ONE app, but a couple or more, can do everything, if not, you can always use some online organizer i you really can't live without outlook :tongueout:
So basically if I installed it, it would just be something to look at for curiosity sake? I don't think I'll bother. Especially considering all the problems I've seen posted by dual/triple boot posters here and elsewhere.
I'm quite happy with the mess I have right now. :wink:

By the way Windows sees 3.35gb out of my 4.00gb now, in both XP and Vista, this happened since I installed the new graphics card.
I have tried Linux before. Suffice to say that you must be a geek to install and run Linux easily. No offense. I tried several versions of Linux from Ubuntu to Fedora Core, SkyOS to PCLinux. None of them worked right. I tried everything i could. Being a long time Windows user (Basically since version 1.0) i find it hard to use the command line answers that Linux users are so accustomed to. I truly prefer GUI based.

I guess it all comes down to time and effort. When i had more time i put it into trying Linux out. IT didnt work for me. As i ran out of patience. Plus i did miss things like Outlook and several of my other favorite Windows apps. Not to mention the games. Since Linux cant use DX ot .NET which most games use now-a-days.

You have to dedicate yourself to learning the ins and outs of Linux before you try. You have to want it bad to get it working just right. When it is all said and done you will be happy with yourself. But sometimes you have to know when you just dont have what it takes. For me it was the birth of my daughter which i would much rather spend time with than trying to isntall Linux and just leave Vista on my PC.

So know yourself and what you are trying to acco,plish before you set forth on this task. If you put the time in you will accomplish your goal. If you only put in a half effort like i did you wont.
I think that's perfectly true - the problem is that everyone already knows and is familiar with Windows. Otherwise, I don't think Linux is harder to learn - it's just that you don't have to learn Windows because you do...

It's like DVORAK vs. QWERTY... DVORAK is a better layout, and QWERTY's been there for 75 years - how many people are willing to abandon something that works (albeit less perfectly) for something they'll have to learn anew?

I use DVORAK - and I remember when I first made the switch, posting a reply of this length took me 50 minutes - what a waste of time at first!

Like Mak said, it's just a matter of knowing what you need and what you're feeling up to/have the resources to do ATM, and then hoping for the best.

(BTW, SkyOS isn't Linux - it's a totally different OS)
Oh thank you Guru, you are my kind of a man - you see things how they really are :smile:. All you said is totally true.

Installation of most of Linux's is easyer than Windows! Today all new versions come with LiveCD which i like very much, so after you make your system boots from cd/dvd rom you have one press enter to boot into it without installing it to hdd, thats very good option, so after you boot your Linux you have icon on desktop "install package" that guides you trough 100% GUI installation, so installation is easy as you are installing some small program in Windows where installation is like "next/next/finish" which is very very easy! System like that far as I know has most of new Linux versions (I tried: new Mandriva, Freespire, Ubuntu 1.6,1.10, Kubuntu, Fendora Core 6, Debian... and they all have very simple installations!)

Anyway, I'm using Sabayon Linux right now, and since i got it about 4 days ago I got sound and video working (wmv, wma,mpg,mp3 are working great) now I'm working o getting wireless card driver installed, take a look at this:

It looks like very complicated way to install driver for wireless card, and trust me it is!:smile: I need kernel source before i can compile any hardware driver... :smile:

Also take a look at this video "WINDOWS VISTA AERO VS LINUX UBUNTU BERYL" :
Yeah, ok, Im not saying its complicated because its simple! :smile:

Swap should be 512MB(but can be more, later you can use that space as another partition for linux, and mount point is partition where Linux is going to be installed so if you have 1CD it will take couple gigs of space, so you can have even just 5GB for linux if you really want :wink:
I'll probably split one of those partitions then. I have Partition Magic which can easily do that or I believe that the installation itself can do that from what I've read.
Yes, installation can do that, when you install don't go to automatic partition, go to manual and and click bigger partition and set it to "/" and than click smaller partition and click "swap" and thats all! :smile:

Maybe it will ask you are you sure you want to format... you'll lose all data blah blah blah and you say "ok" :grinning: