[SOLVED] Removing ubuntu 10.4 from windows 7 64 bit / ubuntu 10.4 64 bit install

Hi guys,

First posts due to a problem that I'm having. I am trying to remove ubuntu 10.4 from windows 7 dual boot installation (both 64 bit OS). I found a link that you can safely remove ubuntu form windows vista dual boot with easybcd but could not confirm if the same procedure is accurate for windows 7. Here is the link.
Additional info: Installed Windows 7 ultimate first then Ubuntu 10.4. When booting I have the Ubuntu's boot loader asking which OS to boot
I would be very thankfull if someone could point me to guide of how to remove ubuntu's loader and make windows7 boot loader restored (with easybcd) so I can remove ubuntu safely.

Get EasyBCD 2.0
"Bootloader Setup"
"Install Vista/7 bootloader"
make sure W7 partition is "active"
Format Ubuntu partition.
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Hi Terry

Thanks for the prompt reply. I succeeded in restoring windows7 boot loader following your directions all that is left is to format ubuntu's partitions witch I will do write now. It did not go smoothly though, I wrote win 7 boot loader to my F partition (100MB) and Win 7 is installed on C:. Could not restart into windows (I was scared for a moment), needed installation disk, did a system repair and now everything runs normally, logged into windows all my programs are running...

Anyway, thank you once again, I really appreciate it!

I spend a lot of time installing medusa on my Ubuntu 10.4 64bit machine. I tried everything mentioned on the medusa-site and tips I found on the internet but my problems are kind of different...

Installation starts ok, the license key is ok (double checked that!) but during the installation I get the error message... "main project could not be created..." the directory is there but there's little in it and the binary to start medusa is not there.

Any ideas, what causes this problem?