Some ISOs On A HDD Do Not Boot

I have 9 iso images on an internal hdd and only 7 of them will boot using EasyBCD. The exact same images, copied from the hdd to a usb stick, boot without error via EasyBCD. Hopefully, enlightenment is nigh.
Appending to the original post; as a matter of convenience I desire to boot each of all 9 utilities from the hard drive. The two that do not boot hang at a Grub prompt. When using these ISOs from the USB store there are no problems.

I have refreshed, recreated and pleaded with the hdd store configuration and still no luck.

Anyone's help will be greatly appreciated.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Hello ovldub,

Install defraggler and use the single-file defragment feature on the ISO images, then see what happens?