Someone help me. Cant repair OS... or could I???


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So, out of the blue, my computer decided to show me this message one day:

(Sorry for the blurriness, but it says:
File: \Windows\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe
Status: 0xc00000e9)

ive tried to fix it, but i cant do it on my own.... help? input????
more details on my blog...
The Epic Journey of the Queen of Wierdoes - computer issues...

Reading your blog - you can't use "Install" from our ISO. It's not a free copy of Vista, just the boot repair facility provided by Microsoft. There are no installation files on the disc, that's why it's so small compared to a Vista DVD.
Firstly try
to see if you can rescue your data from the HDD.
If that can't see the partition structure you expect on the HDD, you could try Testdisk
to see if your problem is a corrupted MBR Partition table.

I recently spent a week or two (on and off) trying to fix a corrupted Vista (no urgency, it's one of 3 little-used secondary OSs to my main W7). It was working perfectly when last used, then was the subject of an auto-chkdsk when I was booting W7 !
Despite all my efforts, and though it looked like I was gradually nailing it back together, I eventually had to reinstall it from scratch.
That was on a shared HDD which checked-out as being in 100% perfect condition, yet somehow Vista died when it wasn't even in use ??
To this day I've no idea what happened to it, or how, so don't get your hopes too high about fixing it.
Is the Sony recovery partition still functioning ? (your User Guide should tell you the hot-key(s) used to access it at power-up.)
You should also visit the Sony site (or the appropriate OEM for your HDD make) and look for a HDD diagnostic download, which can tell you if the HDD is bad or just the data on it.
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