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I installed Easy BCD after upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 and tried to figure out how to delete the Windows 7 installation to revert back to the Vista Installation. I opened Easy BCD and accidentally deleted the Windows 7 installation. Now I am getting the Black screen of death and I cannot get my computer to boot up. I have the disk in and I have tried everything. I even tried to manually configure the BCD through DOS but it cannot find the BCD. I tried to create a new BCD through the boot mgr and it still doesnt work.

I am stuck and I dont know what to do. All of my data is still on my hard drive and I cant get windows to install. I tried formatting one of my other internal hard drives and it wont install due to missing drivers on those drives. All of my system drivers are on my C: so I dont know how to get or what to put on my other hard drive to get windows to install.

I tried this walkthrough but I cant get it to work. Please help!!!!

Error message when you start Windows 7
Try startup repair. It may take 2-3 times to fix it.

Downgrading isn't supported unless you have *.old folders. This may be able to help with that, though it was intended to downgrade Vista to XP.