Something exploded in my PC


My computer was booting up and all of a sudden something exploded and it turned off. I turned it back on and everything works but something DID explode (big one too not just a small explosion). I believe it was something inside the PSU because thats where the stinky smell is. Not sure why my computer is still turning on though.
Discontinue use of the computer until you can get a replacement PSU or have it checked out by someone to avoid damage to the rest of the system (if it isn't already too late!)
Simpel question. IF you hear a explosion why would you turn your PC back on right away without investigating the explosion? You could have cause it to explode more and possibly cause you harm. Never, Never, NEVER a good idea to turn on a PC after you hear anything go pop or boom inside.
It could be just about anything really, but the first thought to me would be that something short circuited and it would be taken straight away to the nearest repair shop.

(Terry, I'm not clever enough to repair circuits).
The Internet's a wonderful resource. I had (still have till analogue gets switched off in 2010) a bedroom CRT TV that was little used, but in permanent standby)
In an attempt to save the planet, my wife switched it off at the mains and next time it was powered up it went "pop".
putting the obscure (unheard of) cheap far-east model name and number into the BBC search engine, I found a TV repair site which described the exact problem, and another search brought up a component supplier (we used to have RS shops everywhere, but they've all closed down now, not enough business), and 1 transistor and 2 resistors later, the circuit was up and running again. The first class stamp cost more than the components !
Needless to say, the TV is back in permanent standby.
Similar thing happened to me with my old Zenith tv, now in the spare bedroom. Turned out it was the power supply. With me of course it was a repair shop not myself that fixed it, but I know a guy who operates a "hole-in-the-wall" place & does things extremely reasonably (as long as one pays cash).

My main TV is a CRT, but a good one.....Sony KB40XBR700...wonderful picture, especially in HD - we now get at least 30 HD channels and the cable box upscales the other 970 anyway. To renew my technology in that field will have to wait until Sony's OLED's come down in price.

That TV is one of the reasons I've never moved, it's my equivalent of a grand weighs around 480lbs. LOL
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i think its probably your pwer supply because i've gone through a couple accidentally plugging it into 220 while its still. on 110 but when mine blows it doesn't work again lucky
Yes I believe you are right. I'm not about to go look as I know I'll end up having to dust behind there....LOL