Sony Vaio Vista recovery mess !!!

I recently bought a Sony Vaio FZ-140E with Vista pre-installed.

Hard disk - 200GB
Processor - Centrino Duo 1.8

Because of a lot of overloading, my system was extremely slow. I thus decided to do a system restore.

I had previously created a set of recovery disks.

In the process of system restore, there was an "error 320" - "task could not be completed". There was no further information about why this error occured.

Any ideas why did this occur ?
Who knows. Could be something to do with trying to access the RAM while writing the files. Could be one of the files off the disc was corrupted. You would be better off checking Sony's site to see if they have any more information on that error code.

Each laptop is unique in that they all have their own error codes. So knowing what the code means on 1 laptop is no good for another.