Sound Blaster 5.1 Dell OEM Digital


I just recently put Vista on a Dell Dimension 8250. I have Vista recognised everything except the soundboard. It's a Dell OEM Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital. Dell doesn't have any drivers, neither does Creative.

I have tried the ngo drivers, and the Realtek drivers (I was out of ideas). I'm going to try the kx drivers and the old WinXP drivers yet, but after that I'm completely out of ideas.

Anyone have any idea how to get this board up and running?

That's my sound card :smile:

Windows Update is your friend.
But if that doesn't work, the XP drivers should.
Windows update has absolutely nothing for it, that I can find. Should it just be the drivers from the Dell site with no strings attached?

Or is there something special I would have to do?
For what it's worth, the Dell driver in XP compatibility mode worked for me. I must have a slightly different card than you or something, since windows update had nothing on it for me.

Thanks for your help nonetheless,
Sorry, I was mistaken.
My card is the Gateway 24-Bit SB Live! not the Dell 5.1

Anyway, glad it worked for you.
Do you have a link to the drivers please so I can update the NST guide?