Sound not Playing on Windows Vista


i bought a brand new acer computer with vista and i still have not heard any sound, everyhting is plugged in and working properly acording to vista
sound card is realtek and unimodem?

any help greatly appreciated
Start>Right Click on Computer>Manage Option. When that screen comes up click on Device Manager. If there are no Yellow ! marks that look like this:


Then there is nothing wrong with the PC or drivers. The Speakers are not plugged in correctly in the back.
if the speakers com with a usb and an jack do i have to plug them both in
Because when i plug in the jack vista asks me which device did i plug in;
line in
mic in
fron speaker out
rear " "
center " "
side " "
Did hte system come with any kind of instructions? What is the exact system? Maybe they have a online guide that could better help with this.

I know the Jack should go into the back of the PC. They are matching colors. So the best i can say for now is to try the jack and match it up to the same color input on the back of the PC.
i have tried plugging them in diferent ways but still nothing.

in the drivers this message is there

realtek High Definition Audio Device
Not plugged in"

realtek digital output
realtek high def audio


i went into their properties test the formst (output quality) and a message stating "failed to play test tone" pops up
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Bad drivers.

You'll have to keep looking and trying other drivers until you find one that works for you.

I'm afraid there really is no other way, the new audio stack in Windows Vista has a big mistake and that is that it tries to be backward's compatible - no way of knowing what drivers will work until you try them for yourself.

Each 'AC97 audio card is different, so you're unfortunately on your own.
I am also having problems with the sound.
There are no yellow ? marks when i look in the devices and get the message that every thing is working fine.
The jack is plugged into the correct outlet in the back.
I tried new speakers but still nothing---

This is not an upgrade but a new computer with vista installed.
the sound worked fine for the first couple of weeks., then
I took it into the dealer to have some internal usb ports installed,
and my internet service reconfigured but that should not be any reason for the sound loss---
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Don't want to take it back to the dealer-



went into device manager and disabled the sound driver then enabled it again-- rebooted the computer and now have sound----:happy::happy::happy:
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