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i was just listening to Winamp, and then all of a suddon the the sound playing all messed up.

It sounds like the last time it got messed up, which was becuase of stupid karoke options. but this time it isnt that setting, (which i know it it turned off)

my sound is messed up in WMP as well :frowning:

sorry i cant give you any more information, just thought someone on here might be able to help

(first off what is the Tag for Strikethrough? and now secondly)


so for some annoying reason both the ports on my machine for audio out are messed up horribly. currently i have my headphones (which i thought were broken) playing fine and the jack is half way in the port


i need to get a realy sound card some time
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^ i found out it isnt the driver for the audio

its the jack ports for the audio out. :frowning:

i know for a fact my little brother messed up the one of the side of my case (he stepped on the headphone jack that was in there, and ever since the port has been screwy)

if i have the jack in about half way, not all the way in the sound is fine, the moment i push it all the way in the sounds messes up

(and what would the Strike through tags be for vbulletin boards?)
That's too bad, Donald...

I'm not sure about the strike tag, I don't think it's implemented.
/me adds it to the to-do list.
^ yeah i know it sucks, but at least i found out my $50 headphones werent broken, and i can still listne to music.

Whats a good entry-level sound card? ($30-50)


normally on IP Boards it would be something like

it would help in this place, so when you go back to read a new thread you know if somehting has changed and what not, you know?

So well i found out some things today

i have $4 in my bank account (and there should have been $54's ) also the closet place to have a DVI-Dsub(VGA) was Best buy, (ciruit city didnt have any :frowning: ) and i bought it for $13 (thankfully i had $20 in cash)

well i found something to my liking:
Sound card: - Creative Sound Blaster SB0570 Audigy SE 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Sound Cards

Video Capture: - ENCORE ENLTV-FM TV Tuner Capture Card w/FM PCI Interface - TV Tuners & Video Devices
That one becuase i might want to watch TV on my new Second monitor ^_^