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That doesnt really define much, But yeh, I'm gathering how you all seem to be on here.

Thank You x


So what do I need to do, to roll back to sp1. to check this out, some directions please, kind sirs...

Then i can determine, if it worked then or not, fully,

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If you havent ran the tool above use system restore. Start typing "system restore" in the search box of your start menu and it should pop up. Restore to a time prior to when you installed SP2 (A restore point should have been created automatically for this by the installer for SP2). You may also may be able to simply uninstall SP2 from Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates. If you've ran the above tool you can't go back to SP1.
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So I have useless sp1 stuff still on my machine? Forget the recording issue for a min

I dont want OLD 'useless', 'several GB worth' of 'modules' on my machine to be honest

Anything I can run to get rid of all that stuff???

for the recording problem, Ive decided to get an external soundcard for recordings...

But i'll leave the discussion open , See if any one has any solutions on this matter

Cheers for your replies.
The "several GBs worth of modules" are only "useless" if you want to stay "forever" with SP2. :brows: Otherwise, if you want to roll back to SP1, those modules will become used again, and so they will no longer be "useless". :wink:
So, basically running that program will close the door to restoring back to SP1, which is fine if you want to stay with SP2, but if you believe the recording problem exists only with SP2, then it would be better not to run the program, and to roll back to SP1. Just my thoughts on the matter...


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Have you tried this.