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i was only able to complete sp1 installation on both my vista 62 and 32 by disconnecting my linux disc . now when i reconnected the linux the vista drives get stuck during boot up ... however they boot without problems once it is disconnected again ... how can i sort this out?
I can't see how connecting your linux HD has any bearing on the Vista boot, unless it's involved somehow in the boot process. The booting system shouldn't even know what's on there until you select Linux in the boot menu.
You need to investigate why the boot process is even accessing that disk.
If your BIOS sequence is as stated, the mbr on sata 1 should check which of V32 or XP64 is "active", and go to the boot sector of that partition, where it should find Vista's bootldr to execute. All of that should be quite independent of any other connected disk.
Is this a RAID array ?
If so, I have absolutely no practical experience of that and will leave it to others to sort out what could be the problem.
rimsky, either the Vista drive's MBR doesn't have the Vista boot code installed to it (so you would fix that by running EasyBCD | Manage Bootloader | Reinstall Vista Bootloader) or the BIOS isn't starting with the right drive. There's no other possible explanation for this matter.
tried reinstall vista bootloader

tried reinstall boot loader but problem remains ... the vista drives boot when the linux drive is disconnected but get stuck at the microsoft black screen with the green looping squares .. the same happens for both the 64 and 32 bit vistas although they are on different drives .... the vista o/s will boot that far but no further ... the 64 xp is on the same drive as the 32 vista and will boot completely with or without the linux drive being connected ... weird !!!!!!!!

It seems that your system thinks that the Linux drive is the main drive. That is why Vista will only boot when Linux drive is not installed. Need to sort that out and get the Vista Drive to be recognized as the boot drive.


Go thru GParted and make the Vista drive the boot drive. In Windows then make sure that the Windows drive is labeled the system active drive.

ok messed that up .... think i labelled vista as sys active ...THEN GParted vista to boot .. SO now can only boot from XP64 partiton ... HELP????? vista partitions will not boot BUT ubuntu will ....
more details ... xp64 on 1st partition of #1 hd is labelled as system ... and i cannot see how that can be changed ..... i can change the active drives .... ie vista 32 on #1 and vista 64 on #2 hd BUT i cannot boot into the vista 's ??????
ok makevelli... i have made the changes u suggested but i can still only boot into vistas if the linux drive is disconnected .. please see above post for more details of configuration,,, thnx richard
I dont know anymore. If Vista is the system active drive then your confgiuration in the BIOS is set to boot from the Linux HDD First not the Windows.

So check that out. Make sure that the Windows drive is before the Linux drive. That can be the only thing i can think of at this point.
We've covered all the various possibilities, it's probably a good idea to take your PC to the shop at this point.