Space partitioning before dual boot

Dear all,

this is my first post, so hi to everyone.

First of all, bravo for this guide about dual boot. It's perfect for people like me. Moreover, I am afraid of doing something wrong and.... I do not want to think about it. In fact I like this guide so much, that I am going to create a section in my pseudopage about this, in order to let more people know about it.

However, it says:
"These steps assume that you have Windows already installed and are installing Ubuntu to some free space on the drive. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to follow the steps a little more loosely than they’re written."

Which means? If I understand correctly, it means that I first must do the partition in the disk and then return back to this guide.

So, the question is, is there another guide (relevant or not) for the disk partitioning? I am searching for a guide as good as the one above, with step by step procedure and/ or screenshots! I am on windows 7.

Thanks in advance,
G. Samaras

PS - I feel a bit strange, since non programmers seem to like Linux too!
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Hi G,

Thanks for the kind words about the guides. A lot of effort went into them!
Ubuntu lets you repartition the Windows drive during setup, it's fairly clear about which repartitioning options will result in data loss and which would keep your Windows as-is and simply make room for your Ubuntu install. We don't have a guide on that, but it's a good idea for a guide in the future, thanks!