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Dear People in the Forum,

I try to read some posts in order to find a solution without to generate a new thread but... here I'm .

To my topic:
On my machine is a RAID-5 with Vista and on a additional 1TB HDD one half (500GB) contain the Vista-Backups and on the other half would install 7 different Linux's distris. The 1TB HDD is recognized under Gparted/Linux as "dev/sde5-13" (one is "swap").

I saw that EASY-BCD by choosing "Grub-Legacy" show all the "ext4"-partitions hence....
my idea is to install the different Linux distri and give the Linux-installer instruction to install/generate the different GRUB's each in the own OS-partition with following result:
I make (with EASY-BCD) for each Linux-distri one entry in the Vista bootloader and start each OS (MS & LX's) only through one bootloader.

Work it like the explanation of my idea above?

1) If yes, can you give me detailed instruction with explanations and control steps?
2) If not, can/should I make/reserve one small partition for "EASY-BCD-Grub-Legacy" and start all Linux-OS's from this small partition?

In this last case have I some questions:
a) can you explain me the differences between "EASY-BCD-GRUB-Legacy" and "GRUB-1"?
b) how big (better bigger as smaller, nospace problems) and which format should have?
c) shoud the "GRUB-partion" be a primary or is sufficient if it is an extended one? and why?
d) is possible to use UUID in GRUB-legacy or is the e.g. "dev/sde6/" or "hd7,5" enough? can you post an example?
e) is posible to set individual "title-entries" in GRUB-legacy in order to indicate the exact distri? can you post also in this case an example?

By the way, in one report-file of GRUB-2 (that was deleted) I read that Vista is in "set root='(hd6,msdos1)' ".
How do GRUB count the HDD's?
If the RAID-5 is composed out 4 HDD's "sda-sdd", the "Vista-Backups & Linux's" is the "sde", than mean Linux the "dev/mapper/"="RAID-5" is the "hd6"?

Or is a easier way to realize my intent considering my small/absent experience with GRUB?

Sorry for the many questions, I tried many things untill the "sde" was completly messed-up and don't want to risk again to delete the complete HHD with the Vista-Backups.

Thanks in advance and best regards. Arny
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