Splitting video in half


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Hello people,

I'd like to do something simple as splitting video in half, but after trying 5 free simple programs to do that, none of them worked.. Does anyone knows a single piece of software that can do that for free? if not, suggest me some other not free software and I'll see..

I'm amazed how some programs who's only command is to do that, don't do that.

Any suggestions?
Hi Sarge, long time since you've been around.
What's the filetype you want to edit ?
I use the FreeStudioManager from these people to edit the MP4 files from my camera. It works.
dvr-ms files recorded from WMC live TV edit perfectly (and can be made into DVD movie format easily) using the built-in Vista Movie Maker.
Well, I have avi and dvd files of the same video, and this simple action became so long and impossible.

Thanks Terry, I'll try the software you suggested and report the results.

Oh Im around, I just don't post much :smile: But I come here often.


Worked! :grinning: I am happy to say that I did what I needed to do! Big thanks to Terry! :smile:
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