Start up boot/problem. Need help.


Hello I was recommend here by a video I saw on youtube. This morning I woke up to my computer (vista sp3) just finishing Start Up Repair. It said that it could no fix my problem. I left my PC on last night and figured that it my have tried to restart after update. I went to try to restart it and it would not start up. It would run the load screen with the green progress bar for what seemed for ever. removed the HD and checked it and ssaw all my data there, so I put it back in the PC started it again. I tried to run in safe mode but nothing happened.I then tried to see if I could but rfom recovery CD but all it wanted to with that was just go to factory settings. While pressing F8 i got the start u repair feature again but I still got nothing. System restore say that there is no restore point as well. I looked around on the net and saw bootrec.exe on this youtube video. It also recommended you recovery program. So I am curious to see if your recovery or any other one of your programs could help. And also just specifically what I need to do with it to make my computer start again. Thank to any one that will take the time to explain.
Sp? Vista

I could have sworn it was SP3, may be not but It is def a Vista Home premium. Lets just say up to date


Question according to the link you sent me it says "You may see a dialog like the one below asking you for your boot drive - pick the letter of your Windows Vista drive, then hit OK to continue." Since I can not access that PC I am using a XP Pc should I remove the HD from the Vista PC and connected it via encloser?
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see no information about SP3 being available for download.

You can NOT repair the BCD from another PC. The BCD will not be fixed doing it that way. You need to put it back in the machine that it came from and use the Recovery Disk and the repair option provided. That is the only way you will be able to recover the system and have it working properly.