Starting without USB


Hi all,

I did a restore of an old bcd that I created with EasyBCD. It destroyed my bcd and windows could not start then. I followed the tutorial "Step by step guide to making a bootable windows recovery USB". After booting from the USB i windows recovery disk started and i used "Repair the computer" option and after restart I got two entries when starting "Neo Smart Techonologies" and "windows vista (recovered)". I choosed the second one and windows started normally and managed to log in on windows without a problem.
My problem is that the next time I start my computer without the USB, the computer can't boot.
What to do more to make the computer boot without the USB?

Thanks for your help.
Run "startup repair" three times.
It only fixes one thing at a time, and there are probably more things it needs to fix before the PC will boot without the repair disc/stick.
Thank you for your answer.
But the second time I don't get that option. it goes directly to the boot menu. What i have to do then?
It goes directly to the boot menu without the "press any key to boot from CD" message ?