Startup problem with new VISTA machine

Graphics Guy

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Hi to all,
I am not sure if this is a problem that Easy BCD can solve or if I have some other problem so please bare with me. I am a newbie with NO experience with the boot system. I recently purchased a DELL Inspiron 530 computer with the VISTA 64 bit operation system containing 2 hard drives. If I leave the computer on for a long period of time without pressing any keys occasionally the computer will either go into the hibernate, the sleep mode or just crash - I don't know the difference and can't find out where to turn the functions off.
My problem is that sometimes when I press the START button on the DELL I get the standard start up screen and everything loads normally, but occasionally - nothing but a black screen with a white flashing pixel at the upper left part of the screen. When I push the button to restart I get the standard start up screen with a listing letting me know that pressing F12 will take me to the boot menu. When I press F12 I get a boot up screen and need to use the down key arrow to select my "c" hard drive in order for the computer to start up. Sometimes this works and sometimes I have to do this several times.
Can anyone give me a clue what is going on or if this is really a boot up problem or something else? Respectfully, Graphics Guy
Hi graphics Guy, welcome to NST.
If you don't want your system entering Hybrid Sleep, (I've never trusted it since ME), then use
Control Panel / Power Options / Change settings, for whatever power plan you're using.
Choose "Never" from the drop-down menu in the "Put the computer to sleep" option.
While you're in there, have a look through "change advanced settings", where you can customize items like how long your monitor and your disks continue to consume power after you go idle.
Changing all those options to agressive setttings like 2 minutes will save you (and the planet) lots, but as long as you make sure that "never" is always selected for "sleep" options, you'll never have to do more than move the mouse to resume where you were.