Status 0xc000000f

same issue

Hi guys ive got the exact same issue and have tried absolutely EVERYTHING!
ive tried the instructions from the wiki
but get an error when i get up to the /import command

any help would be much appreciated
Salams Mahmoud,
it says command not recognised, im unable to use the /import command

when i try bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp

it gives me the error
The store import operation has failed.
The requested system device cannot be found
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From what you posted in the other thread, your active partition isn't set. Use diskpart, and try again.
thanks for the reply

hey thanks for the reply
i have set active partition, still no luck
and when i put the win 7 cd to format, it does not find previous windows
how am i gonna format it
it gets stuck on browse previous drivers or something
Which partition did you set active ?
It needs to be the one containing the \boot folder and the bootmgr, which in the case of W7 is probably not the C: disk.
W7 installs with a small (100Mb) unlettered partition for the boot files generally called "System Reserved".
If W7 came pre-installed by an OEM, they may have incorporated this into their own recovery partition.
thanks for d reply terry
when running the following command - bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp
i get the following error message - The store import operation has failed.
The requested system device cannot be found

this is after i chose the OEM partition. and set it as active

i fixed the problem!!!! the whole time i was trying 2 repair it from a bootable repair usb! as soon as i put in a windows 7 CD i was able to follow the instructions and it worked flawlessly!!
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