Step Four: Nuclear Holocaust


Like most folks here, my Vista PC will not boot.
When I use the DVD the system will not repair itself and if I
try to reinstall Vista says that it can't find the CD/DVD driver.

I've tried the instructions I found on your site.
all commands work until I get to...
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
x:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
del C:\boot\bcd
bcdedit /createstore c:\boot\bcd.temp
bcdedit.exe /store c:\boot\bcd.temp /create {bootmgr} /d "Windows Boot Manager"
bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp
When I get: The store import operation has failed.
The requested system device cannot be found.

MbrFix returns:
1 Yes 141000 7 NTFS or HPFS
2 0 0 None
3 0 0 None
4 0 0 None

Thanks in advance
Hello at787rm2, welcome to NST

You cannot use our recovery disc for re-installation, only for the recovery part...

At command prompt use "dir c:". Can you see the files/folders on your hard drive?

If its returning an error or you don't get anything you could try chkdsk on it: chkdsk c: /r

If you can see your file structure now try the manual recovery steps again and than startup repair 2-3 times.

Beyond this point you'll need a recovery set or Vista disc that came with your computer for re-installation of Windows...

Your partitions are corrupted or the hard drive itself is bad. You'll need to reformat the entrie drive and re-install Vista. To clean the drive from the command prompt, use:

select disk 0

Click the x in the upper-right hand corner of the recovery options window and than "Install Now" after this (Do not hit the "Shutdown" or "Restart" buttons) if you're using the recovery or Vista disc that came with your computer.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I can see everything. I can CD to any directory. I tried the manual repair steps again, no go. Guess I'll have to go through the pain of reinstalling Vista (shoulda stuck with XP). Not that big a deal as all my important data is on another disk. Mostly the irritation of having to do it.

Thanks, again. Once I'm up a running again I'll be back and try easyBCD and drop a donation in your kitty.