Steps for multibooting


If Vista/7 boots but XP fails to boot

Method 1 (Auto-configure with EasyBCD):

  • Get EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, install, and replace any version of Easy that is already installed.
  • Open up EasyBCD, navigate to the Add/Remove Entries section, and delete any existing boot entries for XP there. Next, go to the Windows tab, select the “Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3” option in the Type menu, give the entry an appropriate name, and click the Add Entry button. Here a prompt will open up, asking you if you want to let EasyBCD automatically configure boot.ini for you, and create NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM in the root of the "system" partition. So accept the offer, and your XP should now boot perfectly fine.
  • Enjoy your multiboot! :smile:
Hi Coolname007:
new user here and very very happy! :tongueout:

I followed your "easy and clear" instructions also with the help of EasyBCD 2.0 Beta I fixed my problem in only one, quick and effective step!

My Toshiba Satellite P305D came with Vista loaded so I created another partition on same hard disk and installed XP Professional (a must!).

Previously I followed instructions from other pay and professional software but they miserably failed as Vista was able to start but XP not anymore.

So from Vista I followed your instruction, rebooted and magically I got the boot screen option with Vista, XP plus the Toshiba restore boot option.
Everything fine so far and very happy! :tongueout:

Though I don't understand why some others are having issues?
Thank you very much!!!!!


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I've put a link in the sticky, so it might get bumped a bit more frequently from now on.


Dual Booting From Separate Partition for Encryption

I have been successfully dual-booting my XP and 7 for months now, and have added ISO files to the EasyBCD boot sequence as well. I would like to try something different and cannot seem to locate reasonable advice.

Here's what I would like to be able to accomplish:
1) Continue with an XP/7 dual-boot system on the same HDD (different partitions of course).
2) Move all XP/7 boot files to a seperate "Boot" partition.
3) To be able to: Encrypt both the XP/7 OS with TrueCrypt. System encryption services inform that it cannot successfully encrypt a dual-boot system without first having the existing boot files relocated.

Any advice?


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Create the new partition
EasyBCD 2 > BCD Backup/Repair > Change boot drive
Reboot (change the BIOS boot sequence if the boot partition is on a different HDD)


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Thank you for the post. I am using windows home basic ver. and had issues of dual booting it with the Windows XP. The easy BCD feature that you mentioned was really helpful. Anyway waiting for more posts from you.