Still can't find the right answer - my Win7 is dead


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I've searched and searched. Win7 recovery wont work. I get various messages based on all sorts of stuff I've tried, right now its "windows can not find a system image on this computer"

So I got the ER recovery disc and booted from it. "Automatic" can't find any installed op sys. I tried getting into the command line and using Bootrec to rebuild the MBR, but bootrec isnt even found, in fact nothing I type into the command line is working at all from ER.

At one point in the process I was able to get bootrec to be found and work using the Windows install disc, but now thats not working.

What's probably complicating things is my setup:
4 HDs. 2 RAID-0 arrays. One has the Op sys on it, and the other array has all my data. I read where that confuses the hell out of the windows recovery process so I tried disabling one Sata device at a time, still no luck.

But why I'm here is to address the issue of me not being able to get anything to work in the command line under ER?? I've looked for any doc about what works in that mode, which commands are valid, but can't find a thing so far.

How did this mess start? I didnt change a thing, but I suspect that windows update is automatically applying updates during the night while I have some data backups going to my external HD. I dont have a system back up because I've always been able to recover from system problems before by just re-writing the boot record. So windoze Update probably rebooted my system while the backup was running. Thats about the only thing that I can think of. I run Vipre for protection, I run Karen's for my backups. I really doubt this is a virus or malware problem. I just need to recreate the MBR and can't for the life of me.


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Well first it is called Recovery Essentials. So it would be RE not ER. Next why would you be disabling 1 SATA Device at a time when you state they are in a RAID array. That mean you would have to shut off the whole ar4ray, meaning both drives, and see if it can be recovered.

Also RE is Linux based and does not use the same commands as the regular Windows disks.

Last but not least, all support for RE is to be sent to their email address which is

It is listed right on their Tech Support page. :wink: